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The Importance of Curating

There is more to the web than Facebook and Twitter, and for this reason there is a need to find out which information is helpful to you and which is not. Finding certain information on the internet can be quite a task. This is where curating comes in. 

In an audio interview, Jon Vickers talks about curating for a film festival. He believes curating involves “filtering out noise” of irrelevant pieces, or pieces that are boring. He also talks about the key to good curating is to have good entry points to get the crowds attention, but there also has to be a challenge in the piece to keep them interested and make them think. 

Rohit Bhargava also has an opinion on the importance and future of curating in this article. The biggest reason curating is important is because he thinks “in just a few years we will reach a point where all the information on the Internet will double every 72 hours.” This will make it increasingly difficult to find anything of use to use. With that much information available, knowing how to find what you need could make the difference between achieving your goal and having nothing. 

This link also gave five pointers about how to curate. 

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