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Why Linking Is Your Most Valuable Resource

When linking to articles, people tend to over think the process. They may try to give information of which they know very little about. This is a problem mainly when writing an article that requires sources or outside information. Mastering the art of linking can be very beneficial to a group who has limited time or resources.

This clip from “Miracle on 34th Street” shows a real life application of linking that can easily be translated into linking for online stories. In the clip, Santa works at Macy’s and is telling people where to get toys that Macy’s does not carry. This upsets his manager until Mr.Macy hears that people are happy the store is helping them. Due to the kindness of helping them, the customers vow to be life time customers at Macy’s.

So, if you are unsure of something, tell your audience where they can find the information they want. Helping them will allow you to gain their trust, equaling more loyalty from those people. In addition to this form of linking, journalist Jeff Jarvis talks about a more efficient way to write using links in his essay “New Rule: Cover what you do best. Link to the rest.” His title says it all.  The best way to make a good story is to use the resources you have. Often times people writing for the web use links to other websites to improve their story, and there is no shame in this.

These two styles of linking both have very important effects on how much your audience relies on you as a writer. If you always point them in the right direction when you can not help them they will appreciate and respect you more. Using Jarvis’ advice for saving time and energy by linking will also make you a more productive writer, leading to more posts and a potentially larger audience. The circle of helping and linking is continuous and, if done properly, can create a success in any field you may be working in.

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