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FAQ webpage layouts

Frequently asked question pages are where people go when they need help with your website. Without a strong FAQ page, the people visiting your site may become even more frustrated if they can’t find the help they need. This could cause you to lose their business or viewership. Here are some websites from the Spyre Studios page that were found to be some of the best examples of FAQ pages.

The first FAQ page that seemed the least plain and most user-friendly was the Krispy Kreme site. They not only had the questions, but also the answers available without having to leave the page. It was also organized in an easy to follow fashion. The colors they use for their company as well as for the site are also calm. There is not much red, yellow, or other colors that might seem harsh.

Another FAQ page I liked was the Netflix page. This page was very basic and it was very easy to find the questions anyone might have. While I did like the design, the lack of a search bar could make some people feel like it is difficult to find what they need if it was not already listed.

The third site that had a good FAQ page was StumbleUpon . I liked that it had a search bar in addition to all of the popular search links. It also is not as messy as some of the other examples. I also like that it is broken down into sections instead of just a list of questions like some of the other websites.

Overall, I tended to find websites that had a search bar for the questions were the most useful. Also the pages with sections of questions that were similar to be grouped and labeled for faster findings. As far as the “bad” sites, or FAQ pages that were harder to navigate, they tended to have long unorganized lists of questions or they might have unrelated topics on the page as well. This could cause users to feel hopeless, and the last thing a company wants is for their customers to think the business is too complicated to use.

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