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The U.S. rise (and possible fall) in the oil game

When we think of oil producers, most of us probably think of the Middle East. However, an article in the Chicago Tribune suggests the United States could potentially become the top producer of oil in the world in just a few years. According to the article:

“an “energy renaissance” in the U.S. has caused a boost in oil, shale gas and bio-energy production due to new technologies such as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. Fuel efficiency has improved in the transportation sector. The clean energy industry has seen an influx of solar and wind efforts.”

While this is good news for us now, it seems by 2020 the U.S. will be the leader in oil production, but that trend will not last. In just 15 years after we take the lead, we will begin to slip back. On the brighter side of things, Americans will not be relying nearly as heavily on oil as we are now.

Green energy should hopefully overpower coal and oil. Otherwise we are in for serious trouble. With developing countries becoming more and more dependent on oil, just as America did while it was developing, oil prices will continue to rise. Along with this rise will come rises in carbon dioxide emissions as well as a rise is global temperatures. Until then, we will continue to work toward being a leader in all forms of energy.

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